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In our office, nuclear testing is mainly used to evaluate patients for evidence of heart blockage problems. It is also used to provide gold standard estimates of heart function. Nuclear evaluation can also be used to test heart muscle VIABILITY (a process to evaluate heart muscle that appears permanently damaged but is actually alive).


  • Most accurate estimate of heart pumping function
  • No special preparation

Nuclear Stress Test

  • Can be performed with Treadmill plus nuclear particles
  • Can be performed with chemicals plus nuclear particles
  • Special preparations required – will be discussed in detail with you by technologist
  • Helps determine amount of blockage and overall risk
  • Excellent for estimating cardiac risk to help “clear” patient for surgery

Viability Test

  • Performed over two days with nuclear particles only
  • No special preparation needed
  • Results helps determine need for surgery or stents in some cases
  • Results may also suggest no need for surgery or stents in some cases