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Electrophysiology Services

Electrophysiology Study

Beyond the electrocardiogram that you have performed in the office, it shows only a brief example of the function of your heart’s electrical activity. The electrophysiology study is a much more in-depth study of your heart’s electrical system.

The heart’s electrical system, normally, is regular and brings about regular contractions of the heart muscle. When there is a problem along that electrical pathway it can cause an arrhythmia.

The EP study (electrophysiology study) is an invasive procedure that uses catheters to evaluate the entire electrical system of the heart and allows your physician to capture and provoke arrhythmias and find the precise location within the electrical system that isn’t functioning properly. The result of the study provides valuable diagnostic and, therefore, treatment information.

The testing is performed in the hospital in a by a physician who is specially trained as a cardiologist with advanced training in the treatment of heart rhythm problems. He is assisted by a team in a well-equipped environment which makes the testing safe and complications are rare.