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Cardiopulmonary & EECP

Cardiopulmonary Laboratory

Shortness of breath can be related to heart disease, anemia and pulmonary problems. In our office, advanced pulmonary testing is available. Testing can give valuable information about the presence of COPD (emphysema and permanent bronchitis) and help assess lung metabolism

Pulmonary Function Testing

  • No special preparation necessary – but easier if nothing to eat two to three hours before test.
  • Can help assess effects of smoking on the lungs
  • Can help assess severity of COPD
  • Can measure positive effects from inhalers on air flow
  • Can help evaluate for toxic drug effects on the lung

Cardiopulmonary (Metabolic) Stress

  • Special Preparation – comfortable clothing and tennis shoes
  • Measures handling of oxygen and CO2
  • Helps predict future hospitalizations from respiratory failure
  • Measures improvement in lung and heart performance before and after cardiac rehab
  • Helps us adjust pacemakers to improve heart function

EECP Therapy

EECP is another type of REVASCULARIZATION THERAPY ( procedures or therapies that improve blood flow to the heart). Most of our patients in need of procedures to improve blood flow to the heart, undergo either stent placement or open heart bypass surgery. These procedures either physically open the blockage (stent) or go around the blockage (bypass). EECP is a proven NON INVASIVE (no needles and no surgery) way to revascularize the heart.

  • Decreases or eliminates angina in 80 percent of patients
  • Improves exercise ability and walking distance
  • Improves heart function and output
  • Decreases need for medications
  • Improves vascular function (improves flow in carotid and extremity arteries)
  • Improves blockage related heart failure
  • Improves functional class

Key Facts

  • Covered by Medicare and most insurances
  • 35 one hour treatment sessions over an 8 1/2 week period in the SHG cardiac care facility.
  • Symptom relief and improved life quality measurement for up to three years after treatment
  • Therapy offered to patients who are not good candidates for stent or bypass procedures
  • Therapy offered to patients who have had stent or bypass procedures with incomplete pain relief