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Center for Medical Weight Loss

Problems with weight gain and obesity are significant in our country, but epidemic in our county and state. SHG Wellness has partnered with the Center for Medical Weight Loss to provide needed medical weight loss services. The CMWL is the largest network of physician directed weight loss centers and has published data showing greater than 95 percent one year success rates.

Our physicians and exercise physiologists use a combination of education and the latest technology to help patients lose weight:

  • Intensive Behavioral Counseling
  • Body Analysis Scale – Helps accurately monitor change in a patient’s body while dieting. This helps encourage fat loss and helps avoid muscle loss.
  • Calorimetry – measures oxygen usage to measure a patients RESTING METABOLIC STATE (the amount of calories you burn in a day)
  • Metabolic Stress Testing – measures O2 and CO2 while exercising to determine how effective lung and heart systems are working together.
  • Fitness Evaluation – EKG monitored real world exercise evaluation.

Key Facts

  • Cardiologist directed program allowing safe weight loss in even complex patients.
  • Exercise Physiologist will perform fitness assessment and give an exercise prescription to each patient.Studies of CMWL patients show 99% initial success rates
  • Just five percent weight loss can change long term outlook – leading to decreases in diabetic medications and medications for hypertension.
  • Food Costs ARE covered By Patients – generally less expensive and more effective than commercial programs.
  • Counseling and medical assessment/monitoring costs ARE covered by Medicare and many insurances.