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Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

Educating patients and our local community about cardiac risk factors has become a major focus at Saline Heart Group. Decreasing RISK means decreasing heart attack, heart failure and other problems that are very common in our state and county. Blending education and science, our Wellness Science trained physiologists give patients a look at their future health. Testing includes:

  • PCRA- Risk Score ( estimates chances of having a heart attack, stroke or other major cardiovascular problem over a 10 year period).
  • Assessment for Metabolic Syndrome (affected patients have up to 3 times the risk of developing diabetes and heart problems)
  • Body Analysis (Bioimpedance Scale that determines percent fat, water and muscle in a patient)
  • Brachial Reactivity Testing ( Gives seven year risk score to patients as “poor”, “medium” and “good”) This test measures how well an artery allows blood to flow. Patients who score “poor” are at significant risk.
  • Fitness Evaluation (Gives real world estimate of exercise ability – performed in our cardiac rehab facility).
  • Calorimeter Test (measures inhaled and exhaled air to determine how many calories a patient burns in day –at rest).

Key Facts:

  • Services are covered by Medicare and most insurances.
  • Performed by Exercise Physiologists with college degrees in Wellness Science
  • Exercise physiologists will discuss and advise patients on ways to improve risk scores and test results.